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This is Webiste is made by Delta Force Techs team of Delta Force Community as a Online Library Projects named “Web-Nary”.
Here, we post Free Ebooks of Different types of Books for People of all Ages and Type for them to gain Knowledge.
If you also wanna contribute to the “Web-Nary” Project, contact us at library@dfcommunity.win

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Both the EBook Download Server and The Complete Website is Hosted at Netlify because of their Global CDN Networks and Website Loading Speed


Creating a quality Website takes a lot of time. Unlike others webiste,
Web-Nary is completely independently funded. We fight for our users. This does mean
however that we also have to spend time working contracts to pay the bills.
This is where you can help: by chipping in you can ensure more time is spent
improving Web-Nary rather than dealing with distractions.

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